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The Comic Book Collectors Club is devoted to building a place to read, share, and discuss comics online. One of our goals is to use the online medium to make comics accessible to more readers and preserve the comic collecting tradition for future generations. Comics are getting more and more expensive, driven by several factors.

Once upon a time, comic books were affordable, and people bought and collected them to enjoy reading them. For nearly four decades, you could buy them at local stores in any neighborhood for a dime to a quarter. Kids traded them with their friends. No one worried if you bent the cover, or even if you cut a mail-order ad out and gambled a stamp to learn Charles Atlas’ secrets for turning a 98-pound weakling into a he-man in only 15 minutes a day. Comic books were bought for fun, not profit.

Today comics are a commodity, tied to intellectual property rights underpinning multi-billion-dollar movie franchises. Movie and cartoon spinoffs have become highly profitable, but the printed product is struggling to survive. Thanks to four decades of steady inflation and paper shortages, new issues cost 3 or 4 dollars apiece.

The Comic Book Collectors Club puts the emphasis back on reading comics, by providing a place where comic book fans can:

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Why We Call Them “Comics”

Did you ever wonder why we call them comic books? Even if they are not funny and they are not books?

Before 1900 they were called cartoons. Why? Because they were illustrations in a BOX!! A box in Italian is cartone. (A carton is another name for a box of storage). From cartone we get “cartoon.”

The Sunday color magazine section of many newspapers in the late 1800s had humorists writing stories, often with pictures. This group of writers were called “comics” just like today we call Jerry Seinfeld a comic. Soon that was known as the “comic section.” The color cartoons were originally placed in that section, and, even though they were often serious, that section was called “the Comics.”

The first non-newspaper publications that actually contain comics were real books. Victor I. Cupples (1864-1941) and Arthur T. Leon (1867-1943) published comic books in a format of 52 black and white pages with cardboard covers. They featured reprints of the Katzenjammer Kids. Alphonse and Gaston, Happy Hooligan and others. By 1919 they began to publish comics in “paperbacks.”

Here are pages from the Dick Tracy Comic Book (1933) and the original comic strips, and I also included Little Orphan Annie from 1927.

Dick Tracy, January 2 and 3, 1933
Dick Tracy, January 2 and 3, 1933
Dick Tracy, January 4 and 5, 1933
Dick Tracy, January 4 and 5, 1933
Dick Tracy and Dick Tracy, Jr.
Dick Tracy and Dick Tracy, Jr. comic book


Little Orphan Annie in the Circus strip
Little Orphan Annie in the Circus strip


Little Orphan Annie in the Circus comic book
Little Orphan Annie in the Circus comic book


Annie single

Little Annie double