Iron Man 3 Director Shane Black to Write and Direct Doc Savage Movie

Iron Man 3 director Shane Black has finalized a deal with Sony Pictures to co-write and direct a movie adaptation of Doc Savage, it was announced Tuesday. Doc Savage, introduced in pulp magazines in 1933, was one of the earliest superheroes, combining the superhuman physique later associated with Superman with the super-wealthy resources and technological gadgets characteristic of Batman. Savage also led one of the earliest super-teams. The character has been adapted to the comic book medium numerous times since the 1940s by Street & Smith, Gold Key, Marvel, DC, Millennium, and Dark Horse. A previous 1975 film adaptation directed by George Pal featured Tarzan star Ron Ely in the title role. Black will co-write the screenplay of the new film with Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mundry.

(Thanks to Vinnie Vegas for the tip!)

Doc Savage 1 Street and Smith

Doc Savage 1 Gold Key

Doc Savage Marvel Comics 1

Giant-Size Spider-Man 3

Batman Doc Savage Special

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