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I agree with Roy, but I would go a bit further. I think there is an overwhelming problem.

In my view, the model for this show is Smallville, where we saw a young Clark Kent grow up to be Superman. But, of course, that show was focused around the life of Clark Kent, while here it will concentrate on Jim Gordon. I don’t know if he will sustain the show. But one other thing:

Unlike Clark Kent, who was entering manhood in Smallville, Bruce Wayne is 12 years old. EVERY villain on the show is now going to be 10 years older than he is. Catwoman, who has always been seen a romantic interest, will be 30, before Bruce becomes Batman.

As I have seen now in too many of these super-hero movies and TV Shows (Smallville, Amazing Spider-Man, and so many others) that very young people, just out of high school, will be running the mobs, industries (Lexcorp and Oscorp) and the police etc. This is silly. But they still will be much older than Bruce.

And who wants to see supervillains without superheroes? This might have made an interesting mini-series, but as a weekly show I don’t see how it can be sustained.

2 thoughts on “More on Gotham”

  1. I saw the same issue with the Catwoman age gap. I wonder if the writers are remembering the Anakin/Amidala development after Phantom Menace, but there the storyline had years between installments to let Anakin catch up in maturity, whereas this is a weekly show that will presumably progress on a less rapid timetable.

  2. Batman is unusual Super-Hero because, frankly, he isn’t super. Well, maybe he is. He is immortal, doesn’t stay in injured, and he does things no other human could ever do.

    But he won’t be here. And we know that the lives of The Penguin, Catwoman, Joker etc are predetermine…..they will be out of jail and around in twenty years. Can you build a TV show around this?

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