The Battle for Archie Comics

Barry has called my attention to a long article on the battle for control of Archie Comics by Robin Finn titled “The Battle for a Comic-Book Empire That Archie Built,” which ran in the New York Times on April 13, 2012. You can read the full piece on the NYT’s website. The well-written piece includes this classic quip:

. . .they both claim to love Archie dearly, almost like a son–a son who is pushing 71 yet retains a head of lush red hair, abundant freckles and the top spot in a famous love triangle.

2 thoughts on “The Battle for Archie Comics”

  1. You can’t find a Veronica comic from the Bronze and Silver age, on the whole wide world web. You can surfer the internet and not find one comic book of this title. Not only a good comic not to be found at all, but an era gone bye, it seems unfortunately also too.

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