X-Men First Class $21 Millon Captures Critics, Trails Thor

X-Men: First Class scored early critical success and grossed $21 million on its opening Friday, on its way to estimated $54 million opening weekend. That easily topped #2 contender The Hangover: Part II, which pulled in $10.5 million Friday. However it lagged slightly behind Thor, which earned $25.5 million its opening night. It also trailed behind other films in the X-Men franchise, after adjustments for inflation. The first X-Men film opened to $20.8 million in 2000, which would be $30.3 million in today’s currency. The other films in the series all topped $30 million in their debuts. Does this Friday’s drop reflect disappointment with the Wolverine solo movie? Will the early critical response buoy the franchise into a box office bounceback? What did you think of the film? Share your reviews on the forum.

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